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Aug 31, 2013 7:00am PDT
wedding. the ceremony is in washington, d.c. kennedy ce president michael kaiser wi marry economist john robert kaiser is a friend of ginsburg's. oakland's pride celebration kicks off today. downtown streets from 19th to 22nd a between broadway and webster will be closed for the two y festival. the big event tod: the pride bike ride that st at 6 tonight. tomorrow: headliners... and oakland'sy own.... en vogue will perfon the main stage. ten dollars will get you into the celebration. (anchor tosses to weatherca) brian - thank you. in this age of social media...overshari ng is the norm. and we've all heard about ts getting in trouble for postg crazy photos or updates. here's kpix 5 s kiet do... h the new law aimed at givingm a do- over. bad singing @ 1:28 (nats bad singing: "shadows searchingn the night") we'll be right back. "dancing" "dancing" you can call him a super fa, cameron hughes busted out h year of their own money for classroom supplies. that's according to this week' s jefferson award winner.. a n sharon chin reports is suppg teachers with some relief. kathleen montgomery offer
Aug 3, 2013 7:00am PDT
. >> it's quite the place. >>> this weekend in washington people were trying to travel to mars will talk about gathering the privately funded project aiming to get them there. inspite of the discoveries made by nasa's sophisticated robots. mars one cofounder believes the red planet needs high man pioneers he wants to launch four people on the long journey to mars eight years from now. >> in april 2023 the humans will land on mars. the next giant leap for mankind. >> he says this company received 78,000 videos from people hoping to become the first marshon settlers. >> would you go? >> are you kidding? absolutely. although it wouldn't be that warm on mars to tell you the truth. i'll settle for the wine country. >> thanks for joining us this morning keep it on kpix 5 and for the latest on the bart strike negotiations. we'll be back tomorrow at 7:30. ,, ♪ man: ♪ you and me solve a mystery ♪ with huckle kids: ♪ in busytown! girl: let's get busytown! man: ♪ you and me... kids: ♪ you and me! man: ♪ solve a mystery... kids: ♪ solve a mystery! man: ♪ with huckle kids:
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2